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Imagine saving on your home loan and transforming lives!

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Save money, save lives.

Lending Hands gives people a hand up by donating 25% of our revenue from upfront commissions to your choice of three charities.

Learn how much impact your loan could make on our impact calculator.

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Why Lending Hands?

Generosity without compromise.

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We will proactively manage your home loan to ensure you don’t just start with a great rate – but continue to have a competitive rate for the life of the loan.

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We donate 25% of our revenue from upfront commissions to your choice of three non-profit organisations who are lending a hand to people in need.

Want to know how much impact your loan could make?

Use our Impact calculator to find out!

Just input your loan amount, select who you would like to support and see how your loan can transform lives!


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Right now, there are more than $2 trillion worth of mortgages in Australia. Even with our current model, if just 1% were refinanced, it would generate $32.5 million that could be donated to life-changing work. This is equivalent to 56,423 years of impact through the child sponsorship program. Imagine the difference that could make to ending poverty on all levels.

Your Lending Hands journey...


Step 1

Contact us to discuss your needs (by phone or online).

Step 2

We find 3 top options for refinancing or a new loan.

Step 3

You choose the lender and the initiative to support.

Step 4

We work towards submission and wait for the approval!  

Step 5

If approved, we give 25% of the revenue from the upfront commissions to your chosen charity upon settlement.

Step 6

After settlement, our team will proactively manage your loan to ensure you’re on a competitive rate for the life of the loan. 

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What Now?

If you’d like to save money on your existing or new home loan and make a real difference in people’s lives, Lending Hands would love to partner with you.

Book in a time for a call and start using your loan to lend a hand to people in need!