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Why go to a mortgage broker if I can go to a bank?

Lots of reasons! But to name a few - brokers can have a panel of 25+lenders and we will do the research for you. So it's like checking out 25 banks at once. Brokers can look after you long-term. If you out grow your bank, doesn't mean you also out grow your broker. We can ensure you stay on a competitive rates for the life of the loan by staying up to date on who the market leaders are for our clients.

How long does pre-approval last?

Pre-approvals typically last for 90 days. In most cases, you can renew the pre-approval by providing updated payslips and/or other specified documents which will extend by another 90 days.

About Us

Is Lending Hands owned by a bank?

We are completely independent! This means that we have no bias towards specific lenders and allows us to connect our clients with the lenders that suits their situation.

How much do I need for a deposit?

Typically 20% of the purchase price is required. This is can be really tough! There are ways to get around this like First Home Loan Deposit Scheme for first home buyers, using equity if you're a home owner and security guarantee. So it's worth contacting us to explore the options available to you.

Where are you based?

We are currently based in Central Coast. Great beaches - would recommend.

If I don't live in NSW, can you still help me?

Yep! If you know how to Zoom we can help you ;)

Giving Back

What is First Nations Initiative?

We want to love and support the First Nation Community in our own backyard! If you choose this initiative, your loan can sponsor indigenous children to attend camps that connect them to key support networks that they can lean on throughout their life and local career opportunities to strive for. We're not allowed to tell you who the foundation is yet but... hopefully, we can in the near future :)

When does the charity receive their donation?

Lenders typically pay the upfront commission one month after settlement. Once the upfront commission is confirmed, we send the donation to the nominated impact partner and report back to you with the difference you've made.

What is MTS?

We want to invest in local churches to make a positive impact in their community and beyond! If you choose MTS, your loan can sponsor an apprentice at your church to be trained and mentored to grow in their character, conviction, and competency for a lifetime of ministry.

What is Compassion?

We want to see a future where kids all around the world have an equal opportunity to find a secure and fulfilling life! If you choose Compassion, your loan can sponsor a child across the globe and provide for their basic needs. Your loan will also fund TAFE-level education so the kids will be well equipped to live a happy and independent life when they complete the program.

Where does the donation come from?

When we are successful in helping out a customer with a purchase or refinance, we receive a commission from the lenders. We give 25% revenue of the upfront portion!